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SoftPay’s mobile Point of Sale solution is highly proven with thousands of mPOS devices shipped
and active today!

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We help your business to increase sales by enabling card acceptance.

Our solution is certified and ready to go

SoftPay’s mPOS solution is highly secure and has received certification for VISA Ready, MasterCard mPOS Certified, JCB Certified, ChinaUnionPay, EMV Co Level 1 and 2, PCI-DSS, M-TIP, ADVT, etc.

We help you to collect payments anywhere at anytime.

We empower your sales process with powerful tools

We make it easy to get started with low fees and no contracts

SoftPay’sfees is a reasonable 2.5% for credit card transactions and 0.8% for domestic and ATM card transactions. We do not charge any monthly or annual fee. Afterall, we will only succeed if the bank’s mPOS strategy succeeds.