Cafe MY

Cafe MY is a specialized Vietnam coffee cafe bar serving aromatic coffee made from the finest Vietnamese coffee beans. Cafe My offers delivery service to nearby offices as well. When SoftPay approaches them to use MPOS, they were initially skeptical. They are not sure if customers will use cards to pay. In addition, they were worried that the device will be expensive and it will be difficult for the staff to learn how to operate.

However, to the owner of Cafe My's pleasant surprise, after deploying SoftPay's MPOS, business has went up by around 20%. The staff actually love to use MPOS to collect payments. Surprisingly as well, customers were most willing to use their debit or credit cards to pay for the coffee. The use of MPOS has greatly reduce the inconvenience for the staff who do not have to contend with returning customer the exact change or worried about losing the cash which they hold on hand. Check out what the owner has to say

"MPOS has been a nice help for my coffee delivery staff. Our office customers love to pay with credit cards and this has led to an increase in the total cups of coffee ordered per delivery. We are glad that SoftPay's MPOS has helped my business improve and also provide convenience to our staff. My staff do not have to worry about losing cash or giving back exact change anymore."

PTI Insurance

PTI is a Vietnam-based company active in the non-life insurance industry. The corporation offers over one hundred non-life and health insurance products to individuals and companies. Currently, PTI is among the fastest growing and most stable companies in the insurance market. PTI has thousands of insurance agents throughout Vietnam.

SoftPay's MPOS solution was deployed for PTI in 2015. As part of the deal, SoftPay customised the MPOS solution to offer a fully functional insurance focused MPOS mobile app. With SoftPay's customized MPOS solution, a PTI insurance agent is now able to accept insurance premium payment immediately from the customer and the sales and insurance policy details are immediately transmitted to PTI back-office servers. This has proven to be a boon for PTI's management who can now access real time data on insurance performance, down to the individual insurance agents. PTI's insurance agents love SoftPay's MPOS solution as it allows them to process payments immediately.

"I think MPOS is a very good tool for all insurance agents. MPOS has helped me to increase my monthly sales and exceed my quota. My customers love it as well since it is so convenient to pay with card."

"We worked with SoftPay to customize an MPOS solution which will integrate with our backoffice reporting and data collection. The final MPOS app is really working great and all of our insurance team leaders, managers and directors love the real time feature of MPOS. We just completed a successful pilot and will be investing to roll out MPOS for all of our insurance agents. MPOS is a natural fit and a great asset for insurance companies like us."

Oromia Cafe

Oromia Cafe is a nice classy cafe with an art-deco style for its ambience. It has proven to be very popular among the young working adults in Ho Chi Minh City. Always packed to capacity during meal hours, Oromia cafe faithfully serves its brand of home-brewed aromatic Vietnamese coffee. Oromia Cafe used to be faced with long waiting time for customers to pay during peak hours. In addition, Oromia Cafe delivery staff do not like to worry about giving back customers exact change.

Ever since Oromia Cafe deployed SoftPay's MPOS solution, the waiting time to process customers' payments has been cut by at least 50%. Oromia Cafe staff can now process payments at the table where the customers are. This provides extra convenience to the customers as well as delighting the customers through a shorter time to process payments. The Oromia Cafe delivery staff loves MPOS the most as it means they do not have to carry cash with them or worry about giving back customers the exact change any longer.

"I used to think MPOS is just another payment method. However, after trying out MPOS for one month, all my staff love it! We will continue to use MPOS for our business! My delivery staff now all use MPOS to collect payments from office customers."